About us

About us

Nearly half a century presence in the Shipping Industry manned by skilled and dedicated professionals with ISO certification.

In 1970, Emcar Ltd expanded its activities in the Shipping business, to include the export of commodities, mainly sugar and molasses. Since then, we have accumulated almost forty years worth of solid experience in the Shipping trade, from acting as an agent for liner vessels and bulk carriers, to handling Bulk Coal, Sugar shipments and tankers. Our major asset is our people, who spare no effort to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our expertise – acquired both on-the-job and through academic training – is what gives Emcar its competitive edge.

Our strengths

  • Motivated and dedicated shipping agent team
  • Open and transparent business relationship to ensure trustworthy working environment
  • Well developed IT infrastructure with EDI capabilities
  • Office located within the port vicinity


  • To protect at all times the interest of our principals to the best of a port agent ability
  • Ensure compliance to standard operating procedures of the vessel/liner and alert them proactively of any difficulties that may occur
  • To provide accurate port information and port congestion reports
  • Ensure faster berthing of vessels with an on-going liaison with all stakeholders
  • Ensure a timely report on agreed milestones
  • To provide a team of port agent professionals available on a 24/7 basis
  • To constantly review with service providers to attain cost effectiveness of operations
  • To provide a knowledgeable team of sales executives that ensure a fair share of the market in favour of our principals
About us

Some of our Clients

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • USA