Bunkering service is the supply of a requested quality and quantity of bunkers to a ship. At Port-Louis bunkering services is available round the clock both at pier (pipeline) and by barge by all suppliers.

In order to encourage more bunkering activities at outer anchorage, the Mauritius Port Authority is proposing various incentives to ships calling Port-Louis.

Bunkering at Anchorage

Currently we have 5 bunker barges serving Port-Louis and bunker delivery is on first come and first served basis:

  • MT Splendour - Peninsula Petroleum
  • MT Emily and Mt Elise - Engen Petroleum LTD
  • MT Hakkassan - Bomin Mauritius LTD
  • MT Ask Progress - Indian Oil Mauritius LTD
  • Mt Tulip - OBT Shipping


Special Incentives by the Mauritius Port Authorities
Vessels calling for the purpose of taking bunkers at anchorage shall beneficiate as follow:

  • Vessel’s GRT capped at 100,000 if GRT is higher
  • Port dues 50% (once per entry)
  • Scaling is applicable if GRT is higher than 35,000tns

Bunkering at Pier

Bunker can be supplied at Quay 1, 2, 3, 4, A, D & E, and Oil Jetty

Special Incentives by the Mauritius Port Authorities
Vessels calling for the sole purpose of taking Bunker, Ship Stores and Fresh Water alongside berth Vessel which calls for the sole purpose of taking bunker, ship’s stores or Fresh Water, and stays in port for not more than 48 hours, shall pay the item of pilotage, tug service (other than in respect of towage or assisting stranded vessels) and anchorage at a discount of 50% . Same discount also now applies to Port Dues.

Bunkering at Port-Louis Useful info

  • Additionally to vessels calling for bunkering activities, they are allowed to carry out ancillary activities such as loading of ship’s stores without affecting their right to discounts mentioned above.
  • Delivery of drums on board can be arranged upon request.
  • Deliveries are carried out round the clock (24/24) by all suppliers.
  • All deliveries MUST be done within port limits. No service will be provided if vessel is outside port limits.
  • Sufficient and safe anchorage space is available within port limits (between 17 and 70 metres water depth).
  • Independent Bunker Surveyor can be made available upon request.

Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact our operation team through our email emcarshipping@emcar.mu