Our services

Our services

Emcar Shipping is an approved port agent by the Mauritius Port Authorities and delivers services round the clock in Port-Louis. Our services spectrum includes but is not limited to:

Clearance and documentation: Obtaining the necessary clearances and documentation required for a vessel to enter and exit a port while complying with all regulatory requirements;.

Berthing arrangements: Coordinates with the port authority to secure a berth for the vessel, and arranges for the necessary tug and pilot services;

Cargo handling: Coordinates the loading and unloading of cargo, and ensures that the cargo is handled safely and efficiently. We also assist in recommending reliable cargo surveyor;

Husbandry services, Protecting agent services, Cargo agent services.

Crew change, Immigration, Customs & welfare: We assists with crew welfare, including arranging for medical attention, dead seamen, repatriation, transport, and accommodation as well as customs and immigration procedures, including processing crew visas and ensuring compliance with local regulations;

Bunker Services: Bunker suppliers, drums supplies, recommending reliable bunker surveyor;

Renewal of Certification: Assist in the renewal of certificate such a Ship Sanitation Certificate;

Underwater works: Coordinates Under water inspection, under water surveys for class inspection as well as Hull cleaning;

In-house clearing and forwarding services: Provide clearing and forwarding services by sea and airfreight;

Ship repairs: Assist with arranging for repairs to be carried out on a vessel while in port;

Supplies and provisions: Assist with arranging for the provision of supplies, Cash to Master under security attendance, fresh water supply to vessels and recommending reliable ship chandlers;

Security: Assist with security arrangements, including coordinating with local authorities to ensure the safety and security of the vessel including arms and ammunitions.

Should you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact our operation team through our email emcarshipping@emcar.mu

Crew Change - Incentives

  • For any vessels calling at outer harbour for crew change, disembarking sick / dead crew, disembarking security officer, shall pay only the item of Port Dues at a discount of 50%

  • Arrangement for immigration formalities (Visa / OKTB), repatriation, Transfer of crew from / to airport, access to port

  • Accommodation can be arranged with hotels at most competitive rates

  • Sick seamen are treated in local clinics offering high level of service and professionalism; daily reports on health status are sent to Ship’s owners until recovery and repatriation

Our services

Crew Change - Useful Info

  • Copy of passport / Seaman book and flight details should be provided at least 48` prior arrival of crew at Port Louis in order to arrange for Letter of Invitation / Letter of guarantee / OKTB / VISA(if required)
  • Two daily flights from / to Dubai by Emirates Airline and many more flights available for Europe, South Africa, Australia during the week…
  • No need to drop anchor for crew change only, vessel can drift while carrying out this operation
  • One International Airport- Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, Plaine Magnien which is 42 km from our port

Loading of spares/ Provisions/ Fresh water supply

  • Any Vessels calling at outer and inner harbour for loading of spares, provision and supply of fresh water shall pay some items of vessel dues at a discount of 50%
  • Clearance of spares, can be done within 24 hrs provided AWB / Invoice & Packing list are received prior arrival of spares and are in good order.
  • Regarding supply of fresh provision, we can recommend a reliable and professional shiphandler.
  • Fresh Water supply - There are 2 barges of 80mt / 200mt supplying fresh water at Port Louis inside harbour and at anchorage


Other facilities

  • Garbage Disposal
  • Sludge Disposal
  • Repairs/Workshop
  • Underwater hull cleaning / Inspection
  • Underwater Class Survey